Tantric Sex Performance

07 Jun

Tantric sex is defined as slow form of sex that involves increasing the intimacy of the body and giving the body the mind of connection that result to release of orgasms which are very powerful. Tantric sex is practiced by the ancient Hindu for a period of over 5000 years and it simply means weaving and expansion of energy.  Partners who want to improve or increase their sex life do perform tantric sex in order to find new depth to their love making. Reaching a high and intense form of ecstasy requires one to be an expert of tantric sex because they believe that one should extend the effort and time you put into sex.  Tantric sec is not goal oriented such that it requires one to practice in a hard way in order to learn how to do it and this makes it to be the best.  Tantric sex is performed by making the foreplay enjoyable through rewarding it until you can be able to take it in a natural way and allowing the orgasms to take your mind off.  Different methods such as techniques, breath control and massage are used by the tantra texas sex partners in order to make the orgasms delay. 

The performance of tantric sex starts by switching off the lights and making the rest of the world shut down. Loosening your body is another step and this is done by moving the body in order to produce energy and this can be done by shaking your limbs vigorously in order to energize and unblock your system before you start.  In order to trigger the sleep button in your brain stay off in the bed and this will help you settle in a quick romp rather than having a deep connection and loving sex.  Be comfortable by lying with your partner on the floor and slowly start touching each other and taking time to leisure so as to find way around their body. You might want to check this website at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sex_position for more info about sex.

Experiment after you have been comfortable by trying different types of touches such as gentle stroking and light feathery touches. Aim at heightening your partner sense in a slow and intense way in order to build your partner to peak.  Performing the sex in the right way will help you prolong your sex and pleasure for many hours.  In case you find your mind wandering try to breath by inhaling as your partner exhale.  Refocusing on your breathing will help you to improve the connection between the two and keep your mind on what's happening.  Don't give up if you find yourself not lasting for more than 10 minutes since tantric sex takes time before it grips because many people are used of western style of sex.  You will find yourself enjoying sex without thinking how the conclusion will be when you continuously practice on Ecstatic Hearts Tantra sex.

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