Amazing Tantric Sex Tips

07 Jun


 Tantra contains a set of techniques used all over the world to deepen intimacy, communicate in a more open and authentic way and increase passion.   Its crucial to consider tantra as a perfect antidote to the routines that develops in every romantic relationship.  You should factor tantra due to the following reasons constantly running out of time, worldly stress and involvement of lots of to do activities.   Sacred sexuality has been a key practice by tantric couples In order to achieve authentic love, deep and passionate connection and spiritual enlightenment.   Consider below tips which will help you with no time to master ancient tantra.

 You should factor been open to try something new.   You should consider being open minded and open hearted to even something that may be seem silly at first.   Many people who are new to tantra have declared an amused exercise, awkward and weird.    Ensure you make time for a weekly session.   Ensure you enjoy you tantric sessions in a week, this should be done in a day and time that you and your partner are free. Click here to learn more.   

 It's crucial to set the mode.   One should consider preparing for his lover by cleaning and adorning the bed with cushions and blankets.   Ensure to create a feast for the senses with flowers, light incense sticks, a few fruits and drinks you both enjoy.   To enjoy an increased love, connection and playfulness you need to factor setting a conducive environment. You may further read about sex at

 Also ensure you take a cleansing and relaxing  bath.   Take a shower to relax your mind, light candles all over the  bathroom and add soft music.   Consider taking shower together with your partner.   Take a time to meditate together.   Meditate together to clear your minds and connect to your hearts. Read more info here.

 Another tip to consider look deeply into each other's eyes.   You will be able to get and read into one's soul through looking into each other's eyes.   Also you may consider sitting in a yab yum pose.   The male partner sits down cross-legged, while the female sits down on top of his legs facing him.   Its an efficient way of connecting intimacy with your partner.

 Ensure you engage in a tantric kiss.   Allow your lips to melt together in a slow sensual kiss when you are sitting together with your partner.   Relax and save the kiss as you caress your beloved's lips with your own.    Also consider giving a tantric massage.   Ensure your partner lay face down as you awaken their body to various sensations.   Keep asking for feedback and remind you lover to relax.

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